Why Brain Dump?

It's very clear when your closet is overstuffed, or your car is just clutter - but have you ever noticed that some days your BRAIN is overload... well its real and if not tended to, can explode!

At least that the rumor.

So to avoid any messy cleanups, my suggestion is to brain dump.  And don't worry, it doesn't hurt. 

In fact, it REALLY helps - So that you can sort through all the random thoughts, ideas, stresses, concerns, and ponderings.

Get the ALL OUT

With a brain dump.

The idea is you get all of those things out of your mind and onto paper and from experience, its better to write than to type.

The point here is NOT to create a document full of beautiful, imaginative prose that you will enjoy looking at, or even be able to make sense out of. The point is the unloading the baggage of your mind just feels GOOD!

 Here’s a few reasons why you need a brain dump in your life:

Grab a Pen and Paper

Even if you are someone who lives in the digital world, you need to write stuff down using simple analog tools. In fact, if you’re a technophile, you’re in somewhat of a better position in that you don’t see the need to spend money on fancy pens and notebooks – you can save your money for the tech gear you want.

There is something about writing something down that makes it stick; you connect better with the tasks, projects and goals you have on your plate when you write them down rather than enter them into a device.

Better focus.

In the event that you need to plunk down and focus on your work, you can't be considering whatever else. On the off chance that your work includes complete fixation, I would energetically suggest a cerebrum dump. You can promise yourself that you'll return to your concerns or plan for the day after you've completed work, realizing that it's everything there hanging tight for you when you finish. To put your problems in perspective.

Although I don’t often look back at my brain dump, the times that I have done have been eye-opening. The micro-frets I allow space for in my brain are sometimes completely ridiculous, and looking at them again after a few days of space makes me realize that most of them ended up resolving themselves anyway.

Increase Creativity.

Occasionally, I appreciate getting somewhat more imaginative with my mind dump. I may endeavor to compose a sonnet (severely) or simply work through a passage for a possible story. You could think carefully dump as a ten-minute freewriting exercise. Doesn't make a difference what you compose: the fact of the matter is you are releasing your composing muscles. It resembles a pre-practice get ready for your mind.

Work through and help resolve issues.

Say the same thing keeps cropping up again and again in your brain dump. Maybe it’s an ongoing issue that you can’t control. Or maybe, there’s something in your life that you need to address once and for all.

Writing it down, going on tangents or even nonsensical writing often helps to bring clarity to tough situations.


Talking to a therapist is nice, but expensive and time-consuming.  Sometimes I will just ask myself a question... and start brain dumping.

The advantages are various. As far as I might be concerned, the brain dump permits me absolutely safe space to share I'm's opinion — with no weight of an objective or a result.

So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? Give it a go — it might build your profitability and carry harmony to your life!


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